Flat | An app that allows users to compose music collaboratively

Making it easy to compose music remotely

During their studies, Vincent Giersch and Pierre Rannou came up with a way to compose music with friends around the globe. They developed their first prototype and then attended the Google Launchpad programme in December 2014, a five-day mentoring session for young start-ups.

After developing an app for individuals, they went on to develop an educational app with a private environment for teachers and their students. In fact, they realised that a number of teachers were using the app to give their students exercises. By tweaking the app, they gave teachers the opportunity to categorise music scores by class. “We created a simple app for use by primary and vocational students. At the end of each lesson, students simply need to click to share their work with the teacher.”

As Google Education partners, they also use Google Apps for Work, Google Classroom and the Chrome Web Store. With more than 80% of their users in the USA, Flat.io now intends to pursue growth in France and abroad.

Google gave us a proven, highly effective distribution channel!

Vincent Giersch and Pierre Rannou, Co-Founders, Flat