Sensorwake | Inventor of the olfactory alarm clock

Sensorwake wakes you without a sound

Thanks to Guillaume Rolland’s invention, the days of waking to an ear-piercing alarm are over. Instead, why not fill your mornings with the delicious scent of hot croissants, chocolate or sweets? This is the magic of Sensorwake, an olfactory alarm clock invented in 2014.

Guillaume’s father gave him the idea for his ingenious invention. As the head of a retirement home, his father described how hard it was for his teams to wake their elderly wards each morning. But waking up is difficult for everyone – including Guillaume – who thought to himself that a pleasant scent could help to rally the troops. And so Sensorwake was born.

Guillaume launched the project at 18 after becoming the first French runner-up at the Google Science Fair. “Being selected as one of 15 finalists was a real springboard for me; the Google Science Fair wasn’t just a great way to showcase my idea – it also gave me more credibility.” Google has since become a partner in his success – with Google Sheets, Google Hangouts, tailored communication coaching and the launch of an online store. “Google truly stands shoulder to shoulder with start-ups and helped make my project a reality!”

By doubling his staff in 2016, the young inventor is now looking to develop a range of new products. The first-edition alarm clocks will be available in June 2016 with 14 different scent capsules, allowing snoozers to follow their noses from the land of nod. With more than 100 media mentions across 30 countries, nearly 4,000 capsules ordered in less than four weeks and a Kickstarter loan of $210,000, Guillaume has no regrets: “The Google Science Fair offers an instant boost for innovation.”

Google truly stands shoulder to shoulder with start-ups and helped make my project a reality!

Guillaume Rolland, Inventor, Sensorwake